House Rewiring Widnes with Red Elec – Widnes’ Electrical Wizards

House Rewiring Widnes with Red Elec – Widnes’ Electrical Wizards


Do you live in an old property (more than 20-30 years old)? Does some of the plug sockets not work, forcing you to use different ones? If the answers are yes and you are looking to get your home rewired in the Widnes area, then look no further! Here at Red Elec one of our services which we are most proud of is our House Rewiring. This service basically involves ripping out your homes electrical wires and then laying newer, safer ones, we can add extra sockets or even remove sockets if you wish, all you need to do is just tell us what you need and where you need it and our expert electricians will do the rest!

Our Electricians have many years of experience under their belt and they know exactly what to do when somebody asks that they want something moving or taking out. They have been fully trained and are fully qualified to work with electricals. Save yourself a shock and let our electricians do it for you, we promise you won’t be disappointed with our results!

We have an outstanding track record of very happy customers who have had their homes brought into the modern age of electronics. Many years ago when homes were being built the electrical wiring in them wasn’t put in them safely (well what’s compared to the safety of these days), this is when our service can come in handy, with our simple house rewiring in Widnes, you can be sure that all your sockets and electricals will be working fully and as safe as possible.

If you would like some more information on our House Rewiring in Widnes, or you would just like some more information on our other services, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly with any information that you require.


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