Electricians St Helens – Reviews from our Customers

Electricians St Helens – Reviews from our Customers

If your searching for recommended Electricians St Helens, you’re in the right place. At Red Elec we believe our customers are the best people to tell you how good we are. So we decided to ask our customers in St Helens to review our electrical skills… Here’s what they said.

James Hardman, Haydock, St Helens,

We needed our property re-wired and we had no idea where to go for it to be done correctly. Luckily somebody we know told us about Red Elec and how they do a great job at re-wiring homes, as they had it done too not too long ago. We gave Red Elec a call and they booked us in for the very next day (we didn’t have to wait weeks upon weeks like other electricians), they were very friendly and helpful each step of the way, they even advised us to not use as many extension leads as we were using because it was a fire hazard. It didn’t take them long to finish re-wiring the house and making sure everything was working well and working safely. There was no hassle and no mess afterwards, they are a great, friendly and reliable service and I would recommend them to anyone looking to have their home re-wired.

Mrs Hopkins, Thatto Heath, St Helens

Our fuse box decided to conk out the other night, we were without electricity through out the night, luckily it was around 11pm – 12pm that it happened, so we just slept it off. Although in the morning we searched on Google for electricians in our area and we found Red Elec (after looking through dozens of other companies), when we rang them they told us that we should’ve rang them last night and they would’ve came around and done it for us before we went to bed, but we never knew that at the time. They arrived within the hour and replaced our main fuse box in our house, which took them under an hour to do so. The team were very friendly and appreciated my constant asking of if they wanted a brew. I was quite sad to see them leave, due to them being so nice and helpful. They also showed my son a quick fuse lesson so he even knows what to do when a fuse breaks (our kettle always does it for some reason). I would recommend these guys to any of my friends or relatives, they are really helpful and know what they’re doing.

Jane Jensen, Sutton Manor, St Helens

We needed some outdoor lighting fitted due to a break in, in our garden a week ago. Up until then we were sleeping with the windows wide open, just to make sure that we could hear if anything was going on in our back garden. A relative told us about Red Elec and how they fit outdoor lighting, myself and my partner agreed to give them a call. They arrived the same day as they took it as an emergency, within an hour we had working outdoor lights and they will hopefully scare of any unwanted guests during the night. The team who came out where very friendly and supportive and they knew what they were doing and where the best place to set up the lights were. Myself and my partner would recommend Red Elec to anyone who is having issues with garden break-ins.


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