House Rewiring Halton

Here at Red Elec, one of our main trades is house rewiring. Which sounds like a very complex process, because a lot of people don’t get into the grit inside their houses. It’s a very interesting process, that over the years we’ve became experts within. Depending on various different scenarios will result in the reason for you coming to see us for our services. However, there are two guaranteed variables that WILL be involved. One; you will want our services, because we provide the best. Two, your wires will need to be replaced for one reason or another. Whether that reason is because they’re old, or you want something new installed to replace broken wires, we can provide this efficiently. However, you will need expertise in order for this to be applied effectively. Why is that? Because if you do a bad job when installing a new wiring system, this can result in various different negative scenarios, which include electrical blowouts, which will set you back even further. This is something you will not want to get into, so don’t make that mistake. If you have any issues with your wiring, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re the best in the business and we will have you sorted out in no time.


Will James said:

May 19, 2015 at 5:55 pm

Absolutely fantastic service. Red Elec rewired my 3 bedroom semi detached house and make a cracking job of it. I anticipated tons of mess and having to get a plasterer in, but no they took care of it all. Even down to employing a cleaner at the end of the job after the plastering was finished. The carpets were removed and put back perfectly. Most of the wires were fed up the cavities or in existing conduits so the mess was minimal. I can’t recommend these enough. We had 5 quotes and these were the cheapest and most knowledgeable by a country mile. Other firms were quoting us over £3k and saying we need to move out and it would take 7 days. Red Elec were done in 4 days including plastering. If you require a Rewire these are the guys to use. They have recently rewired my brothers house and my mother in laws and they say the same. Even spoke to another spark I work with and he commented on how good the price was but more importantly how good the standard of work was. I will keep recommending these guys as the after care package we received for free is excellent.

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